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Vessey and Company, Inc. is a 4th generation produce grower and shipper, located in the Imperial Valley. Our family farm grows fruits, vegetables, hay and grain on more than 10,000 acres. Over 40 different types of fruits and vegetables are grown conventionally and organically. We have been doing this since the early 1900s when Elton Vessey moved here from Wisconsin.

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Our Mission

At Vessey & Company, Inc. we strive to supply our customers and consumers with the highest quality produce from the desert southwest.  

Our Vision

To remain sustainable through our land and water management programs while maintaining high quality standards at a reasonable cost to consumers. Vessey and Company is today, as it always has been, a family company. It is our great hope that we can leave our land and earth to our children and future generations in better condition than it was given to us.

A Brief History of Vessey

Precision Farming @ Vessey

Food Safety Is The Highest Priority!

At Vessey & Co., we do not believe in merely meeting industry standards relative to food safety, we strive to exceed expectations.  As one of the first growers in our region to hire a full time food safety manager, we are proud of our ongoing commitment to the health and welfare of the people who consume our products.  A major goal of our program is reducing the possibility of contamination without effecting the sustainability or ecological balance of the surrounding environment.

Our irrigators, cultivators, tractor drivers, foremen and supervisors receive ongoing educational training throughout the season as part of “Good Agricultural Practices” (GAP).  Our harvesting equipment receives daily power washings and our irrigation water testing standards exceed those required in our industry.  In addition to testing our water on a monthly basis for Generic E-Coli, our use of buffer zones (a documented and monitored animal specific rodent control program) enables us to deter the intrusion of wildlife without a negative impact towards their habitat. 

Although we conduct our own pre-season and pre-harvest risk assessments, in order to meet our own high standards, we hire third party inspectors to conduct ranch audits prior to each season and harvest.  The use of independent firms to certify stricter safety measures is just another of the many checks and balances we utilize to protect our consumers.

Each bin or carton that contains our product is coded prior to leaving the field enabling us to quickly identify the source where each item was grown.  Our in-house computer systems and the tagging of each container make product traceability a simple process.

In order to reduce the possibility of food contamination California farmers have banded together to form the California Leafy Greens Products Handler Marketing Agreement (LGMA).  The stringent requirements set forth in this agreement have been developed by people within the industry, university scientists and food safety experts.  As part of our dedication to food safety, we are proud to be a member of the LGMA and that our own President, Jack Vessey, is a current board member.

Should you have any further questions regarding the food safety practices of our firm, please contact our Food Safety Manager, Cory Peeks at (760)356-5300.

Cory Peeks, Food Safety Manager at a food safety audit.

Cory Peeks, Food Safety Manager at a food safety audit.

Looking to the Future with a New Perspective

There is no question that technological advances have had a dramatic impact on the farming sector.  The implementation of technology has helped to increase production, reduce labor costs and improve quality.  At Vessey and Company we are looking beyond the bottom line and upgrading our systems for a more globally beneficial purpose.

Rising fuel prices and global warming concerns are not just a lead story on the evening news.  The economic impact of these issues cannot be denied in today’s energy intensive agriculture.  Vessey and Company, always the innovator, has already made significant changes to increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Examples of our efforts to ‘go green’ include a three-row spinach planter (versus single row), a fleet of fuel efficient vehicles and GPS systems utilized during planting.  The most dramatic change we have made thus far has been the relocation of our ranch facilities from El Centro to Holtville.  We are now far closer in proximity to our growing fields resulting in a substantial reduction in fuel dependency.

Although the Imperial Valley is a desert region, we have historically had access to a more than ample water supply for crop irrigation.  When drought conditions became extreme in California years back, Vessey and Company was part of a large contingent of landowners that lobbied the irrigation district to restrict the water supply through allocation measures.  Our water conservation efforts include the use of solid set sprinklers, pump back systems and drip irrigation.  Our choice to conserve water was never forced on us, instead we initiated the changes because it was the right thing to do.

We will continue to look for new avenues that will result in decreasing our carbon footprint.  In addition to a plan to increase our already established recycling program, we are currently installing solar energy technology at our ranch office. 

Admittedly, we hope these changes will contribute towards our efforts to maintain our high quality standards at a reasonable cost to the consumer.  It is undeniable that our choice to lead our peers regarding sustainability has a very personal motive.  Vessey and Company is today, as it always has been, a family company.  It is our great hope that we can leave our land and earth to our children and future generations in the same or better condition than it was given to us.

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