KXO News Radio 1-30-17 ### Rib Cook-Off Winners


Written by George Gale

Category: Local News

Created: Monday, 30 January 2017

(It was another good turn-out)…The 26th Annual Holtville Athletic Club’s Rib Cook-off was held Saturday.

The exact numbers have not been released. Officials, however say Samaha Park was packed for most of the morning. Over $10,000 in awards and prizes were distributed during the day. The list of winners include; The Best Performance. That award went to the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office. The Hospitality award went to Big Al’s Paradise Café. Second place went to the City of Holtville. Los Compadres took 3rd. The Best Side dish was Lucky’s Fish Tacos. Second place went to AM Desert Storm and third went to Redneck Ribs. The Best Pie award went to Maxine Bonneau, who also took third place. The second place award went to Linda Hornung. Mitch Kellum picked up the award for best outhouse. Best Booth was awarded to Fern Semi Famous BBQ. Second went to Imperial County Planning and third went to the City of Holtville. The Best Ribs, as chosen by the Judges, went to Imperial County Planning. Second place went to Dune Company and Big Al’s was third. The pinnacle or People’s Choice award went to Vessey and Co’s Sunshine Ribs. And inducted into the Hall of Flame was Ronnie Claybrook